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Write Your Children's Picture Book Course: A Four-Week Self-Paced Course

What does it take to turn a fun idea into a masterful and delightful picture book? In this 4-week self-paced course, we'll help you ideate, outline and write your picture book.Learn how to write picture books that children will love, and publishers will buy.Optional add-on: community and monthly feedback on your work.


Write and Send Your Query Letter: A Four-Week Live Sprint

Ready to get your book in front of agents and start on the path toward publication? We’ve set out to create the only resource you’ll need. We’ll show you how to get your work in front of agents—and get them excited about your writing.4 weeks of live calls, group working sessions and a chance to get live critique from agents.

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£149 • Open

Course: Write Your Children's Picture Book

A four-week self-paced picture book course led by Penguin Editorial Director Lou Grosart. Learn how to write picture books that children will love, and publishers will buy.

Self-Paced Course • £149

Would you like to get monthly feedback on your work from Louise? Now available as a monthly add-on. Email us at [email protected]

Learn how to write picture books that children will love and publishers will buy.

What does it take to turn a fun idea into a masterful and delightful picture book?Writing for children isn't easy, but it is something that you can learn and master with the right tools and guidance.In this bite-sized masterclass, you'll get the perfect combination of support and instruction to kickstart your writing career as a picture book writer.In this course, you'll get expert instruction* to help you craft your best picture book.If you would like monthly feedback on your work and access to live Q&As with Lou, this is available as an add-on.

By the end of this course you will:

1. Understand the picture book market. You'll walk away with a good working knowledge of the picture book market and understand the steps that go into creating UK's bestselling picture books.2. Know the process that goes behind the creation of a picture book.3. Understand the 5 Key Principles of writing a compelling picture book.4. Have the know-how to create your own picture book outline and draft.Available as an add-on:
5. Receive expert feedback from Louise on your work
6. Have all of your burning questions answered in our online community forum or in our live Q&AsPlease email us at [email protected] if you'd like to purchase the monthly add-on.

Meet Your Instructor & Editor: Lou Grosart:

Louise Grosart has over a decade of experience publishing picture books and working with licensed books for brands like Dreamworks, BBC, Hasbro and Dr Seuss. She is currently a Publisher at Penguin Random House where she works on household names such as Peppa Pig and Hey Duggee. She was previously the editor for million-copy selling The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas (by Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Garry Parsons), Sarah and Duck, and has worked on hundreds of brands and stand-alone picture books for Penguin Random House and Egmont Publishing. As part of her job, she works closely with writers, illustrators and designers and understands what agents and editors are looking for, and has created a 5-step process for mastering picture books.

Who is this course for?

* Experienced writers who want to turn their hand to picture books* Picture book writers who want feedback on an existing proposal-* Budding writers completely new to picture books and writing!

Course Outline:

Pre-Course Introduction - Welcome!
🎯ACTION: Check in with Yourself
🎥 Welcome! How This Masterclass Works (2.30min)
🎥 Introducing Your Editor, Louise Grosart (3.47min)
🎯ACTION: Check in with yourself & set your intention for the course
Week 1: Introduction to Picture Books.
1.1 🎥 What is a Picture Book? (1.25min)
1.2 🎥 The Picture Book Marketplace (7.49 min)
1.3 🎥 How are Picture Books Made? (5 min)
1.4 🎥 What Makes A Good Picture Book? (3.27 min)
1.5 🎥 Things To Avoid (3.30 min)
1.6 🎥 Five Key Principles of a Great Picture Book (2.39 min)
1.7 🎥 An Overview of The Classic Picture Book Structure (3.22 min)
Week 2: Outline Your Picture Book
2.1 🎥 Create A Picture Book Outline Alongside Lou (8.25 min)
2.2 🎥 Introduction & Prelims (1.33 min)
2.3 🎥 Character & Setting (2.56 min)
2.3A🎧 Brainstorm Your Character & Settings With Lou (6.21 min)
2.4 🎥 Problems & Resolutions (4.45min)
2.4A🎧 Brainstorm Your Problems & Resolutions With Lou (5.04min)
2.5. 🎥 Giving Up & Turning Point (2.27 min)
2.5A 🎧 Brainstorm Your 'Giving up' & 'Turning' Points With Lou (5.40 min)
2.6 🎥 The Conclusion (3.30min)
2.6A🎧 Brainstorm Your Conclusion With Lou (4.14 min)
Week 3: Write Your First Draft
3.1 🎧 Writing Your First Draft (6.12 min)
🎯 ACTION: Write Your First Draft
Week 4: Editing Your First Draft
4.1 🎧 Lou’s Tips on Editing (4.48 min)
Wrap-Up: Bonus
🎥 How To Submit to Agents & Publishers (including Query Letter Template)
🎥 Q&A w/ Picture Book Agent
🎥 Interview w/ Penguin Random House Publisher Louise Grosart

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course delivered live?*The course is pre-recorded and designed to enjoy at your own pace.How long will it take me to get through this course?You'll need to spend 2-3 hours each week to get the most from this course.Can I get 1-on-1 feedback on my work?
The self-paced course does not include any feedback but you have the option to add the 'community + live sessions' package to your course. If you want more time with the editor, you can also book private coaching session with Louise.
Will this get me a book deal?
The picture book market is extremely competitive, this course should help you understand what publishers, agents and readers are looking for and help you create a compelling picture book. Several of our students have gone on to get book deals.


Beautifully organised from top to bottom... succinct and useful. I also enjoyed her kind and helpful advice, it is not everyone who can effectively teach something they know at this depth. Kudos!
Bonnie Macbird - Website
"This has been been amazing"
Diana B
"Chuffed that I’ve managed to write a story and grateful that I know a lot more than a month ago thanks to Lou!"
Simone T
Wonderful course! Very helpful and much appreciated Barb N

"Thank you so much! You’ve sparked something really inspiring for me and where I can channel my writing" Kara"I got so much out of this course! It was clear, straightforward and covered the main elements of picture books. I've finally figured out my story. Thank you"
Barbara Kimmel - Website
"A great opportunity to find out what publishers are looking for and to get one to one feedback from a talented editor. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in writing picture books." Debbie R

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